A family history

A wonderful narrative began under the British Raj when the sidewalks of Bengal (formerly known as Calcutta) were steeped in mystery and history. It was a tale of fervor, tenacity, and a steadfast love of gems that would influence a family's future for many years. Our founder's great-grandfather embarked on a journey that would determine the fate of the family while walking through Kolkata's busy streets, where ethnicities converged and commerce thrived. 

He started a career as a gem merchant after being drawn to the charm of gemstones and motivated by an unyielding desire. At that time, emeralds were highly prized for their aesthetic value, symbolic significance, and scarcity, and the trade in them was shrouded in mystery. Our founder's grandpa, a guy who was enthralled by the allure of a gem merchant from a young age, received the spearhead of this exceptional tradition. He didn't spend any time after finishing high school engrossing himself in the complex world of gemstones. He set out on a journey to master the craft of creating gems, specializing in the fascinating worlds of gemstones and rubies, out of a passion for enlightenment.

The grandfather of our company's founder founded an exporting business in the first decade of the 1970s, which increased the family's prominence in the global gemstone business. Reputable jewelry designers from throughout the world were drawn to their skills. The key to their success was working together with visionaries like Agajaan (Israel), B Ashcher (Italy), and Grospiron (French). Their stones were used to embellish the best designs, gracing red carpets and runways, and capturing the attention of discriminating jewelry lovers all around the world.

The founder's uncle became part of the company in 1985, marking a new turning point in the family's history. They set their eyes on extending their worldwide influence even further, motivated by a common goal. Since Hong Kong was then governed by the British, they established a branch abroad there after seeing the importance of the Asian market. With the help of this calculated action, they were able to enter a vibrant industry and become the area's top gemstone supplier.

The father-son team collaborated with a dedication to ingenuity and perfection, solidifying their place as a reputable brand in the gemstone business. They rose to new peaks as a result of their commitment to quality, ethics, and client happiness, consolidating their position as one of the leading gemstone businesses in Hong Kong.

Our values

Our forward-thinking executives recognized the shifting dynamics as the industry continued to change and looked for new chances to increase their worldwide reach. They took the risky step of moving their foreign headquarters to the United States, renowned as the "land of opportunities," at the beginning of the new millennium. By making this journey, they started a new chapter in their lives by entering the American industry and transferring their knowledge and riches, where their legacy is now thriving.

The rooms of their palatial store in a busy metropolis came alive in the current moment with an orchestra of colors and glittering treasures. As customers from across the globe rushed to see the newest masterpieces from Maurya Fine Jewels, the air was electric with expectation. The setting had a luxurious ambiance that displayed the results of years of experience and an uncompromising dedication to perfection.

Each item seemed to have its narrative as it was embellished with gleaming diamonds, radiant rubies, and enticing emeralds. These diamonds were given life by the craftspeople of Maurya Fine Jewels, who were inspired by their commitment to maintaining old traditions to create practical works of beauty that would fascinate souls.

Eternal Elegance

The Maurya Fine Jewels company's current financial situation is proof of its continuing heritage. They proceeded to work with renowned jewelry designers, adding a dash of enchantment and attraction to their artwork, thanks to their widespread popularity and global presence. Their dedication to moral business practices and environmentally friendly sourcing struck a chord with those looking for not just elegance but also a closer relationship to the earth.

Maurya Fine Jewels have remained an encouraging light, blazing the way for those who want to accept the unusual in this world of ambitions where jewels come to life and memories are carved in gold. They invited everybody who invaded their domain to become an integral component of their constantly developing story, a tale that would remain forever inscribed in the fabric of Maurya Fine Jewels, weaving messages of romance, independence, and eternal elegance into every piece of jewelry.

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